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Project management
 Each step brings you closer to your goal, but each step is already a victory.
Objective: To share and apply my experience to successfully close                    innovative projects.
Skills Summary
  • Successfully managing projects
  • Analytical thinking, organising and structuring complex topics
  • Work in interdisciplinary and intercultural environments
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills

2011- now
  Director, trainer and owner
Cubisma Ltd., Switzerland

  • Trains and coaches researchers to successfully manage their research
  • Trains senior researchers to supervise their PhD students
  • On-site, online and blended courses

  • 2010- 2012
      Project manager for the introduction of Clinical Audits in Radiology Federal Office of Public Health, Bern, Switzerland

  • Responsible for the entire project (strategy, planning, etc.)
       (for the diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy)
  • Organised a public kick-off meeting
  • Carried out a system analysis with the main stakeholders
  • Prepared the legislation with the main stakeholders
  • Responsible for the internal and external communication
  • Represented the office in international meetings

  • 2008- 2010
      Program manager of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT)
    The Innovation Promotion Agency CTI, Bern, Switzerland

  • Responsible for the program development and controlling
  • Responsible for the program communication and networking
  • Developed a management software and innovation indicator system
  • Developed the KTT strategy in Switzerland
  • Swiss representative at the CREST (EU)

  • 2005- 2008
      Scientific project manager of EU NanoMesh project
    University of Zurich, Switzerland

  • Responsible for the project controlling and reporting
  • Responsible for the project closing
  • Responsible for the internal and external communication
  • Organised an international scientific workshop

  • 2003- 2005
      Post-doc research: Study of lipid membranes with 100nm lateral resolution
    Stanford University, California, USA

  • Pioneered a novel approach to characterize cell membrane mimics
  • Defined, planned, executed and supervised the research project
  • Established collaboration with the Laurence Livermore National    Laboratory, USA

  • 1998-2002
      PhD research on protein and cell adsorption
    University of Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Interdisciplinary research related to biosensors and biomaterials
  • Designed and produced a new Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)
  • Supervised students

  • 2001
      Scientific evaluator of the Nano-World software
  • Partner of the Nano-World, a swiss virtual campus project
  • 1987-2001
      Teacher of physics, mathematics and chemistry to 13-20y. old students
      Ski-mountaineering leader for university students and teenagers
       Curriculum (auf Deutsch, 2013)
    MAS in Project Management, CH
    PhD in Science, CH
    Master in experimental physics, CH
    Master in teaching (Gymnaliallehrgang), CH
    French: mother tongue
    English: fluent spoken and written
    German: fluent spoken and written
    Swiss-German: fluent spoken
    French sign lang.: 4-year study
    IT skills
    Operating system: MacOS, Windows
    Management: MS Project, freewares
    E-learning: Screenflow and others
    Data processing: IgorPro, Excel
    Image processing: Adobe and others
    Web publishing: HTML, PHP

    Programmation: LabView, TurboPascal, Java
    Ski-mountaineering (instructress, competition)
    Mountain biking
    Transverse flute
    Travelling (Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe)
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